About Me

Almona Travels is a blog inspired by my travels. Maybe they're not the most wow vacations. But from everywhere I've been, I've come richer. I'm filled with beautiful, well-being and a lot of positive energy. I'm Almona and I like to travel. And not since yesterday, today. As a kid, I was looking forward to the big vacation to go to camp. Constănțeancă, our camps were mandatory in the mountains. Since then I started to love him and spent all my childhood and adolescence with my backpack in the back. In equal measure, I love and the sea… Blue… Turquoise… Green… But mostly I like stories. Listen to them, tell them and write them.

After many years of writing on the forums and tourism sites about my vacations, my experiences and peripețiile the time has come to gather them all in one place and share them with you, those who read my ranks.


Because Almona travels, and life is the most beautiful journey.