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Discover a suite of beaches in Samos!

After telling about the plane travel, sights in   Samos and accommodation, they inevitably came the questions about beaches in Samos. How is the sea? You know, kind of like what everybody wants to know before go on vacation. There are over 30 beaches in Samos, some organized, others very secluded and I never even got to glimpse them all. Much less to put my foot on them.

Beaches in Samos that I was

Beach of Pythagorio

The first beach we arrived at was next to the Hotel Labito. If you arrive from Kusadasi, it is right next to the ferry-boat terminal after the parking lot. It’s a ”No name” beach, most of them know it under the name of the beach in Pythagorio. It is a small bay, full of stones, both on the beach and in the water. I don’t know if special slippers would be useful. Maybe just on the beach, but in the water, I wouldn’t be able to pronounce myself. The stones are large and unstable. To enter, I entered relatively easy. Hanging out was harder.

Beaches in Samos

I spent more time on sun bed under the umbrella. They belongs to the taverns Tarsanas and Notos. You can use the sun beds if you buy  drinks, lunch or dinner. It didn’t bother us, because we were going that evening to listen to Greek live music at the Tarsanas Tavern.


About a 10-minute walk from the Pythagorio, the Potokaki Bay stretches. It can be reached on the road, through the parking lot near the Castle of Likourgos Logotheti or even descending the stairs from the castle. It’s a sandy beach mixed with stones. There are three portions furnished with sun loungers and umbrellas and other portions where you can sit on the towel. Here you can really stay, not like in Pythagorio. The wooden sun beds, with mattresses, are just perfect for a shaded sleep. For 2 sun loungers and an umbrella we paid 5 euros. I couldn’t say if the fee is for all day and if you can leave your stuff there at noon. In the part of the beach in which we stood (towards the castle), there were showers, changing cabins and an  ecological toilet. Those of you who know me know that I like any beach as long as it is framed in a landscape. When I set foot on it, it becomes a beach and that’s it. Well, Potokaki Beach won me. It was the first time I really liked a beach and ground level.

Beaches in Samos

On the left, as you look at the sea, above the rocky headland, the castle and the church rises. From the right, down to the bottom, the planes that take off from the airport are only 1 km away. The entrance to the water is still on the rocks. Unfortunately, the water does not deepen too abruptly to get rid of them easily. No more offshore is not just sand. Every once in a while, there’s a boulder covered in vegetation or sea urchin. I wasn’t so curious to check it out. However, it is a good beach for snorkel. Water sports can also be enjoyed on site. Right on the beach is a beautiful resort whose bungalows imitate a traditional Greek village. Doryssa Seaside Resort has a lot of facilities (I wasn’t staying there, I just crossed it): Swimming pool, mini market, playground, mini golf course. Even place wich imitate the Agora.


It is  in the north of the island, a few kilometres from Karlovasi, the island’s second port. From the top, behind the church, looks like a white sandy beach and turquoise waters. We found, at another scale, the image and colors of the bays of Thassos Island. The beach can be reached by stairs, behind the church or on a path, next to a tavern with a parking lot. I went down the path, passed by the sunflowers and went back down the stairs. The beach is all sand with stones, and the entrance into the water, as otherwise, than with stones.

Beaches in Samos

Megali Laka

By far, the best beach we have stepped into the island of Samos. Located on the east side, in a gulf opposite the Gulf of Vathy (the capital of the island), it is a slightly finer sandy beach. On the right side is an aisle to enter the water, on the sand. Otherwise, the entrance is on the rocks, like everywhere. Sun loungers and umbrellas are free of charge. You just have to take your own sunbed and then take it back to where you got it. There are no bars or taverns, but there is a shaded dining place with tables and chairs. On the beach there is even a small church that will be sanctified this month (N. July 2018).

Beaches in Samos

If I aroused your curiosity, I must tell you that there is also a great drawback. Megali Laka Beach is inaccessible terrestrial. You can get here on a lunch-included cruise (departing from Pythagorio) or rent a boat and take a tour of the beaches.

Beaches in Samos that we have seen

Remataki Beach

At the other end of the cliff in Pythagorio, in front of the Remataki Restaurant  and right behind Pytagora’s stand, lies the Remataki beach. A little less rocky than her sister near the port, but even narrower. Plus, extraordinarily crowded.

Psili Amos

On the island of Samos are three beaches named Psili Amos. I only saw the one in the south, a few miles from the Pythagorio. It is a long bay with sandy beach.  There are sun loungers and umbrellas, bars and tavern.  There are also hotels in the area.

Beaches in Samos


In the southern part of Samos Island, lies one of the most beautiful resorts. In a protected bay, dozens of yachts stay in the anchor. It is a favorite luxury resort in particular by the Turks. We didn’t make it to the beach, but we had a great swim out in the open. The water is turquoise and so clear that you don’t even need a mask or glasses.


It’s a hidden jewel, a little bay with an unorganized beach. Surrounded by greenery and caves, It is the perfect place for those seeking tranquility and relaxation. Also, here is one of the best places for scuba-diving.


There is a small bay in the Strait of the same name, where the second important battle between Greeks and Persians was given. A Turkish islet, uninhabited, is just 800 m from Mykali Beach.

Beaches in Samos


In southwestern Samos is one of the longest and most beautiful beaches. Lined pine trees, the beach is organized with sun loungers and umbrellas, bars and taverns. The sand is coarse and the entrance into the water with stones. The road is quite meandering and narrow, and the views is delightful. The fact that I haven’t actually gotten here is my great regret. But even on the day of our arrival, the area was affected by storm and downpour rain.

Beaches in Samos


It is the main beach of the village with the same name in the north of the island, close to the capital Vathy. Like many other beaches in Samos, Kokkari is covered with  sand and stones. Because Meltemi, the wind that beats the summer in the Aegean, is much stronger here, it’s the best area for windsurfing.

Bath, snorkel, scuba diving, windsurfing. What do you choose?   If you enjoyed my incursion on the beaches in Samos, don’t be shy to share with your friends. Leave me a comment on my blog or on Facebook. You’ll find me on  Instagram.

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